Great results demand great equipment

Specially-designed for all professionals in the ice cream, restaurant and street food sectors, TEPP-ICE is the new frontier of flavour.

Ice cream rolls, cold and chilled desserts, crêpes and artistic creations are just some of the quick and easy recipes that will amaze and excite.

-38°C - Italian quality
Cooked cold
Ice cream rolls, Thai, Crêpes, Brioches, Snow slush ices, Sorbets, Coffees, Cocktails, Fish


Creativity is a dish served cold

Creating new flavours is the result of taste, skill and experimentation; but it is the best equipment that makes it truly simple.

The quality ingredients used, the same used for Italian ice cream, guarantee a creamy texture, exalting the flavour of a different kind of ice cream that’s unique and innovative!

Show-cooking has a great impact that excites customers who feel emotionally involved in the creation of a “customised” product! All this, plus the quality of the products obtained and the innovative appeal of what’s on offer, make TEPP-ICE a truly alternative concept.

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Cooked cold at -38°C

Refrigerated plate

Originally from Thailand, TEPP-ICE has been reinvented thanks to technological research and now reaches a temperature of -38°C.

This performance makes it possible to create rolls from a fatty milk-based liquid blend, guaranteeing a creamy texture that exalts the flavour this innovative ice cream.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy quality

Entirely made in Italy, TEPP-ICE is the result of years of research and design.

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to maintain, low cost and made using only quality components - these are the features that make TEPP-ICE a worthy representative of Made in Italy quality.

Endless combinations

Endless combinations

Ice cream rolls, cold and chilled deserts, crepes, savoury fish recipes, slush ices, sorbets, cocktails, instant chocolate decorations and artistic creations.

The only limit is your imagination!