In 1972, Remo Cangini, with all his experience as chief technician in the catering sector, created “Casta di Cangini Remo”, where he was the manager director for over 20 years.

In 1993, Remo closed down the business, thus paving the way for the second phase in the history of Casta. In that same year, four former employees acquired the name “Casta” and became owners of the new Casta. The company could then rely on Rino Monti and Paolo Sintucci’s twenty-year experience in the field and on young Loretta Carbonetti and Maurizio Casanova’s enthusiasm.

In 1996, as consequence of production processes development and the launch of new commercial strategies, Casta obtains the CE certification, allowing the company to become one of the market leaders.

In 2001, opened the new headquarters in Via Fratelli Lumiére in Forlì, with cutting edge machines and a very efficient and innovative productive organization.

In 2005, to keep up with the Italian and international markets growth, with an increasingly complete and technologically advanced range of products, Casta acquired the trademarks, patents and drawings of two renowned cooking lines, i.e. Tiqu7 and Vesta900 by OM GAS, appreciated all over the world.

In 2008 Paolo Valmorri, a chief technician with long-standing experience, joined the team. The history of Casta goes on and evolves, also by developing new eco-friendly policies. Environmentally conscious and particularly attentive to energy efficiency, Casta installed solar panels all over its roof, allowing for a sensible cost reduction.  This renewable and less polluting energy source testifies the company management social responsibility.

The present day

The participation to the most important national and international trade fairs allows Casta to conquer new markets, letting them appreciate the advantages of a full catalogue of professional kitchens, constantly enriched with new models and up-to-date technologies.

The rest is present history: Casta, now as it was before, is a byword for quality and reliability. And it will be tomorrow as well.


The company owners’ direct involvement in the management, the plant technological evolution, and the commercial network consolidation are fundamental values of our strategic management. This is why, to be in keeping with the needs of increasingly competitive markets and Italian and international customers we continuously update our products and services.

Total quality is our main aim and is a fundamental factor of our new commercial strategies in order to achieve new and ambitious goals.

Each piece of equipment is specifically designed and crafted for the place it is going to be put in: from the small kitchen of an exclusive, sophisticated élite restaurant, to the large kitchens of big restaurants and hotel chains, fast food restaurants, pizzerias, work and hospital canteens, etc..

Customers can always rely on the advantages (and reduced costs) of the industrial production. Moreover, the traditional manufacturing customization makes each part of equipment unique. Every piece is built with passion, and is perfect for any space and audience.

Casta makes the world cook.


Complete turnkey projects

We offer a turnkey design service for complete cooking equipment. Each project is thought and designed to measure, nothing is overlooked and everything is calculated down to the last detail. From the technical drawing to the final production we aim at the customer satisfaction.

With the new product lines Easy and Lady,  our product range enhances, and, along with the cooking equipment for pizza, piadina, fast food, and the most modern forms of quick food service, as free flow, makes us one of the main reference points in the global market.